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20 February 2007 @ 04:57 pm
New Lip Balm Flavors!  

New Lip Balm Flavors!
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I've been busy with these three great new lip balm flavors in my Etsy shop:

Lime Sugar - Bright and Bubbly absolutely describes this flavor, that also matches our new Lime Sugar Supreme soap. Don't think bitter when you think of this citrus, it's lovely dulcet notes will delight the most discriminating lips.

Mojito - If you have tried the refreshing sparkly Cuban drink of the same name, you know what this one is all about. It's minty, lime, sparkly and very fresh. The Cubans really knew what they were doing when they invented this drink and the flavor is just like it.

Berry VooDoo - A "wicked" good berry flavor. For the berry lover it's an unforgettable blend of juicy, fruity berries, the best of summer. Yummmmmm!!!

Visit us in Martinsville, why don'tcha? ^_^
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