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01 March 2007 @ 11:21 am
New soaps! Chameleon and Geisha  
These are the first two soaps in our new Extreme Limited Edition line. Each new fragrance will be made in very small 1 pound batches, so there will be at the most 4 bars of soap available.

The white soap is Chameleon - based on one of Lush's most famous fragrances, Karma. You get that, yes? Karma, Chameleon, Karma Chameleon - what can I say, I'm a child of the '80s. ^_^ Our version is a blend of amber and patchouli surrounded by fresh clean citrusy notes and woodsy notes of the forest, a whisper of Lavender and much more. These bars are very rustic, and have an interesting pattern - there's a circle inside the square, where the soap heated up after being poured into the mold.

The tan soap is Geisha, a very Eastern, mystical fragrance, combining soft amber, sandalwood, and spices, against a creamy background of musks and myrrh. An intoxicating, feminine fragrance inspired by the Geisha tradition of Japan.

You really should check them out! ^_^