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16 October 2008 @ 11:13 pm
The garage and barn  

The garage and barn
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Sadly, I have yet to figure out how to employ pixie people to do my work for me.

I didn't start out on the second floor of that two story barn. Like most home-based businesses in my area, I started out in the kitchen, making soap by day, and dinner by night.

Until the (in)famous Rose Flavored Mashed Potato Incident. It was the fall of 2002, and it seems I must have been making rose soap that fateful day, and spilled some of the fragrance oil on the only real work surface I have in my tiny 10' x 10' kitchen, a little 3' wide wooden microwave cart.

Wood is really porous, you know. Tends to soak up just about any oil that falls on it, and then transfer it to whatever you put on it.

So there we are, happily eating dinner, and the Husband takes a bite of his mashed potatoes, puts his fork down, and says, "Maybe it's time to clean out the garage and move your soapmaking things out there".


I outgrew the garage in about a year. And actually, the plans for the barn were already in the works for his woodworking shop - I just handily noted that adding a second story would add very little cost to the barn itself, and I could work with the sloped ceilings whereas he could not.

So now the garage is used for storing finished products (except in the winter, when the lotions and sprays have to come inside so they don't freeze) and I have a lovely but very disorganized workshop dedicated to things that one really shouldn't eat. ^_^